Agency Adoption

Notice: The adopting parent(s) or Petitioners must be represented by an attorney. An agency adoption cannot be completed without an attorney.


Representation by an attorney is mandatory.
The child must be placed in the home of the Petitioner(s) for purposes of adoption for six (6) months before the adoption will be finalized.
A certified copy of the long form birth certificate of the adoptive child must contain the doctor and hospital’s name. This form of the birth certificate is available at your local health department.
All parties, including the child, are required to attend the hearing.

When Filing for an Agency Adoption:

All forms must be typed.
Use full birth-names and no initials.
If there is no middle name or initial, use (NMI) in the spaces provided.
Submit all necessary paperwork at the time of filing.
Make sure all signatures are included on all forms.

Filing Fee:

The filing fee is $102.00.
If you use a credit card, a three percent (3%) convenience charge will be added.
If paying by check, make checks payable to the “Wayne County Probate Court.”

The following State forms/reports must be filed (agency provided):

  • Copy of Judgment Entry/Order terminating parental rights from Juvenile Court (PCSA)
  • Form 1673 – Adoption Homestudy, Form 1385 Updates (if applicable), and Post Placement Reports
  • Copy of Foster Care License (if applicable)
  • BCI/FBI final report
  • Form 1699 – Prefinalization Adoption Assessment (contains biological parents' information)
  • Form JFS 1616 – Social and Medical History (signed and containing NON-IDENTIFYING information)
  • Indian Release Letter (if applicable)  Note: Federal law requires strict compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Form 1661 – Interstate Compact Placement Request 100-A (if applicable)
  • Putative Father Registry – Final results (PCPA)
  • Form 1666 – Permanent Surrender of Child (PCPA)
  • Form JFS 1693 – Ohio Adoption Laws and Materials (PCPA)

The following Probate forms below must be filed:


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