Judge Latecia E. Wiles

Judge Latecia E. Wiles was appointed by Governor Kasich as the first female judge of Wayne County’s Probate and Juvenile Court in April of 2012. Judge Latecia E. Wiles successfully retained the position after running in the 2012 general election and is working hard to offer more to the community.

Judge Latecia E. Wiles was born and raised on a farm in Wayne County. There she acquired a strong work ethic, which has served her well as judge. Judge Latecia E. Wiles worked her way through the College of Wooster where she received her undergraduate degree and went on to earn her law degree from the University of Akron.

Judge Latecia E. Wiles has brought a broad base of knowledge and wealth of legal experience to the Court, having worked for the Wayne County at the Clerk of Courts, Adult Probation Department, and various law offices in the community. Judge Latecia E. Wiles worked as an assistant prosecutor prior to becoming judge, prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases in Juvenile Court and elder abuse and exploitation matters in the Probate Court. In her capacity as an assistant prosecutor, Judge Latecia E. Wiles advised and represented the Probate and Juvenile Court Judge, Children Services, Child Support Enforcement Agency, Department of Job & Family Services, and law enforcement, as well as other county offices. Judge Latecia E. Wiles was also certified as an appellate law specialist by the Ohio Bar Association prior to becoming judge, having handled numerous appeals before higher courts, including the Ohio Supreme Court. Judge Latecia E. Wiles received the Meritorious Assistant Prosecuting Attorney of the Year award in 2011 from the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, prior to appointment as judge.

During her administration as Wayne County’s Probate and Juvenile Court judge, Judge Latecia E. Wiles has placed an emphasis on offering more services to the public at a lower cost to the taxpayers. Judge Latecia E. Wiles has worked to develop new strategies to fund programs for juvenile offenders by pursuing grant opportunities and partnering with other organizations serving Wayne County. Judge Latecia E. Wiles has worked to save taxpayer money by eliminating unnecessary court expenditures, utilizing resources more effectively, enhancing efficiency through computerization of the court’s docket; and initiating implementation of an electronic filing system in the Court.

Judge Latecia E. Wiles has been focused on providing the best treatment to juveniles and enhancing services to the elderly. For example, Judge Latecia E. Wiles recently received grant funds to offer multi-systemic therapy to families involved in Juvenile Court, a service that will help parents manage and nurture challenging adolescents more effectively. Judge Latecia E. Wiles has implemented a type of probation referred to as “truancy probation” in order to address truant youth and the challenges faced by local schools. Judge Latecia E. Wiles was also instrumental in creating the Wayne County Volunteer Guardianship Association, a non-profit that trains volunteers to serve as guardians for the mentally incompetent residing in Wayne County.

During her administration, Judge Latecia E. Wiles has been committed to providing a fair and impartial administration of justice, as well as prompt, courteous, and efficient service to the public. Judge Latecia E. Wiles strives to provide Wayne County’s children and families with services that address the needs of today, while being a good steward of taxpayer money. Judge Latecia E. Wiles remains a dedicated public servant.

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