Juvenile Court Division

The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over legal issues involving people under the age of eighteen. Cases regarding deliquency, traffic, and unruly charges are heard and decided by the Juvenile Court. Parentage, custody, visitation, and support issues for children whose parents were never married also come under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court also oversees the probation and detention of youths adjudicated delinquent or unruly, manages a diversion program for first time offenders, considers affidavits to authorize a grandparent or caretaker to act on a child's behalf, and makes determinations about whether a child is abused, neglected, or dependent, and what happens to the child after such a determination is made.

The Wayne County Juvenile Court is located on the 2nd Floor of the Wayne County Courthouse on the northwest corner of Liberty and Market Streets at 107 West Liberty in Wooster, Ohio.

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