Birth Correction or Modification

A person who claims to have been born in Ohio and who claims the registration of birth is not accurate may file an application to correct the birth record. An application to correct the birth record must be accompanied by an affidavit of the attending physician, affidavits of at least two persons having knowledge of the facts stated in the application, or any other evidence the court finds sufficient. The application must also be accompanied by a certified copy of the current birth certificate.

If the application for correction is for a child who is under the age of one year old and is the result of a clerical error made by the hospital, an error made when the parent completed the paperwork at the hospital, or a clerical error made by the Office of Vital Statistics, parents are urged to attempt an administrative correction through the Ohio Department of Health or the Ohio Office of Vital Statistics.

An application for correction of birth record can only be filed with the Court for someone born in Ohio. To correct an Ohio birth record, the application must be filed in the county where the person’s birth occurred, where the person resides, or where the person’s mother resided at the time of birth.

A father’s name cannot be added or deleted from a birth record through birth correction proceedings in the probate court. If the parents are not married, contact the Child Support Enforcement Agency in order to gain information regarding the process for adding the father’s name. If the parents are married, contact the Ohio Office of Vital Statistics.

The filing fee for an application for correction or modification of birth record is $58.50.


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