Name Changes

A person who wishes to attain a legal name change may file an application with the probate court where the person wishing to change names resides. The court must publish the name change application in the local newspaper. There are two types of name change applications: one for adults and one for minors. The filing fee is $174.50 for minor name changes and $153.00 for adult name changes. You must present an original birth certificate to the Court when applying for a name change.


A person who has lived in Wayne County for one year or more may apply to the court to legally change his/her name. An adult may apply to change his/her name by filing an application with the court.


An adult parent or guardian may apply to change the name of a minor by filing an application with the court. The applicant must also obtain the consent of both parents, if living. The court may grant the application if the court determines that the name change is in the best interest of the child. Children over the age of five (5) must be present at the hearing.

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