Adult Adoption

RC 3107.02 states that a petition for the adoption of an adult may only be filed if:

  1. If the adult is totally or permanently disabled;
  2. If the adult is determined to be a person with an intellectual disability;
  3. If the adult had established a child-foster caregiver, kinship caregiver, or child-stepparent relationship with the petitioners as a minor, and the adult consents to the adoption;
  4. If the adult was, at the time of the adult's eighteenth birthday, in the permanent custody of or in a planned permanent living arrangement with a public children services agency or a private child placing agency, and the adult consents to the adoption;
  5. If the adult is the child of the spouse of the petitioner, and the adult consents to the adoption.

The Petitioner (person seeking to adopt the adult) must also be a Wayne County resident, or the person being adopted (Adoptee) must be a Wayne County resident, or was born in Wayne County.

Information needed when filing an Adult Adoption:

  • All forms must be typed.
  • Use full names and no initials.
  • If there is no middle name or initial, use (NMI) in the spaces provided.
  • Bring to court a certified copy of the adult adoptee’s birth certificate. It must be the long form which provides the name of the doctor and hospital.
  • Make sure all signatures are included on all forms.
  • All documents, forms, and fees must be submitted at the time of filing.
  • The Petitioner will be notified by mail of the final hearing date after all of the information is reviewed.
  • Petitioner, Petitioner's spouse, and the Adoptee are all required to attend the hearing.

Filing Fee:

  • The filing fee is $78.00.
  • If you use a credit card, a three percent (3%) convenience charge will be added.




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