Name Conformity

An action for name conformity can be utilized to address any of the following circumstances:

  • My name does not match on one or more of my official identity documents (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Driver’s License, Passport, Marriage Certificate, or Divorce Decree).
  • An inconsistency in my name is prohibiting me from getting a driver’s license.
  • I was not born in Ohio, and I have an error or misspelling on my birth certificate.
  • My child was not born in Ohio and has an error or misspelling on their birth certificate.
  • I was born in Ohio, but the name on my birth certificate does not match the name I have used all of my life.
  • I was in a common law marriage with no marriage certificate to document my name change.
  • The name I currently use is a name on one or more of my official identity documents.
             *Please note, this procedure will not result in a change to the applicant's birth record.


The filing fee for an application for name conformity is $83.60.


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